mc holy ghost


How did you receive the title MC Holy Ghost?

Rap is a battle using the sharpest weapons known, "your tongue". A two-edged sword, says the Lord. We are living in the age of the Apocalypse, the Book of Revelation, where good and evil forces are gathering in the last days, to do battle. "RAP" is a sign of the coming "Rapture," where two beings come together, using their tongues to "battle" each other with curses or blessings for God. I rap hoping to inspire the love of Christ, the third in the Trinity, and hence received the title MC Holy Ghost.



non essentials



MC Holy Ghost song 3P's featuring MastaSwitch has been placed in the soundtrack for the up and coming movie The Non-Essentials. This film documents the lives of many artists and those affected by the coronavirus. Stay tuned for the release date.